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An Introduction to Brainwave Frequencies - With an Introduction to Divergence Supplements’ “Gamma” Product

An Introduction to Brainwave Frequencies - With an Introduction to Divergence Supplements’ “Gamma” Product

Believe it or not, your brain is in a constant state of activity - whether sleeping or actively performing tasks like thinking, concentrating, remembering or moving, your brain cells - neurons - are consistently sending messages to eachother. This neuronal communication - neurotransmission - produces measurable electrical activity in our brain - brain waves - which can be measured in frequencies. 

EEG and MEG machines - where electrodes are stuck to your head to measure electrical activity - measure brainwave frequencies in Hertz, based on their speed. Slower speeds correlate with more relaxed and even sleepy states, whilst higher frequencies correlate with more alert states of consciousness:

  • Delta: The slowest of brainwaves at 1-4 Hertz, Delta brainwaves are associated with deep sleep and relaxation. These are critical for healing and restorative sleep.
  • Theta: Ranging just slightly higher from 4-8 Hertz, Theta brainwaves are produced during lighter stages of sleep, such as REM sleep (dreaming) and very low levels of consciousness. They’re associated with a state of relaxation and lowered anxiety, so are commonly associated with light sleep, drowsiness or when lost in a day dreams and meditative states.  
  • Alpha: Alpha waves, at 8-12 Hertz, are in the middle of relaxed and alert - smack bang in the middle of the spectrum of activity. They’re associated with a state of conscious relaxation and positivity, produced when the brain is calm and “quietly alert”. You might find these brainwaves active during times of learning. 
  • Beta: Beta waves, at 12-38 Hertz, are produced in active “doing” states, and comprise 3 main sub-types: Low Beta (12-15 Hertz) associated with thinking; (standard) Beta (15-22 Hertz) associated with active focus, problem-solving or performing activities - “doing” brainwaves; and High Beta (22-38 Hertz) associated with anxiety, excitement and patterns of complex thoughts. 
  • Gamma:  At 30-80+ Hertz, Gamma brainwaves are the fastest and highest frequency of all brainwave types, and as you’d expect, are also associated with the highest states of alertness, focus, learning and consciousness. 

A Deep Dive Into Gamma: Understanding The Highest Frequency Brainwave 

Gamma frequencies are associated ith higher executive functions, like cognition, learning and memory. Low levels of Gamma waves are associated with lower general cognition, including challenges with focus and attention, ability to process information and learn, lower mood and general low mental energy. They’ve even been associated with various neurodivergent conditions. Conversely, higher levels of Gamma frequency waves correlate with higher mood, openness and receptivity, enhanced focus, concentration, perception, information processing, memory and overall improved cognition and brain function. They’ve even been associated with higher states of awareness during meditation! However, as with everything, too much of anything can be a bad thing - with constant exposure to very high frequencies, this can lead to anxiety and states of stress, so optimal exposure is key.

Because of this, research has suggested leveraging Gamma brainwaves for various conditions, not in the least in those of focus, attention, memory and mood.

It should be of no surprise, then, that the brainwave associated with the highest state of consciousness, awareness, focus and cognition inspired Divergence Supplements’ Gamma Focus. Our unique blend is based on hundreds of hours of pouring through the scientific literature to formulate a blend of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and gut–brain-axis supporting pre and probiotics which individually have been associated with the very same benefits conferred by Gamma brainwaves. By harnessing the power of this natural superblend of nutrients,  Gamma Focus offers aims to help the neurosivergent community unlock their full cognitive potential and overcome scattered thoughts, mental overwhelm and cognitive fatigue. Enhanced neuro-wellness, mental energy, and superior cognition is the name of our game.

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