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Huge Savings, A-Grade Ingredients & a Great Tasting Drink

We solved the problem we couldn't find the answer to

For all the supplements on the market, why hasn't there been a product specifically designed for our neurodivergent community? Yes, there are great nutritionists and doctors giving us a long list of supplements to take, but no one has been able to make it an easy, cost effective or enjoyable experience, so we did it ourselves.

Steph, Lara and Gillian have built Divergence Supplements from the ground up. Every aspect of Divergence Supplements has been considered, designed, crafted and built for our neurodivergent community. We don't have investors, we have no one to answer to but you, and are on a mission to be a big difference to simplify ND supplements, reduce costs, improve experiences and enhance effectiveness.

How We Got Here

When Steph was diagnosed with ADHD at a later age, she knew what she had to do. Like a lot of late diagnosis people, she dived into researching what it meant to be neurodivergent and discovered that supplements had the potential to offer huge support.

Within a matter of weeks, Steph was on a large list of 30-daily tablets. But doing this everyday was a pain, and expensive.

This is where lightning struck. Taking 30 pills a day takes its toll, so she asked her friend Lara to create an all-in-one supplement.

The trio approached top certified UK manufacturers, stocking the highest quality and most innovative ingredients, and Divergence Supplements was born; a natural support stack backed by science, simplifying supplements, saving you money and supporting impactful outcomes for neuro-wellbeing.

Trust & Transparency

We value the trust and partnership we share with our community, which is why transparency lies at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in empowering you with knowledge about our products - what they contain, how they're crafted, and the scientific research behind them. We're sharing information that enables you to make informed choices.

Innovative Products

We're on a mission, keen to push boundaries and create a new, dynamic category of supplements specifically for our community.

We're committed to developing products that redefine possibilities, offering exceptional formulas that elevate neuro-wellbeing and simplify an outdated experience that's unnecessarily complicated.

Social Impact & Sustainability

Our commitment to social impact and sustainability runs deep, embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing.

From sourcing our manufacturer to choosing eco-conscious packaging solutions to supporting neurodivergent causes, we take deliberate steps to consider how we can walk a positive path, short, mid and longterm.


The supplement market is full of low-quality products that are little more than a sugar pill, packed out with cheap fillers and making bold claims with little to no benefit or real evidence to support them. Divergence Supplements is pioneering a new standard of quality in the neurodivergent supplement market. We’re not in the habit of cutting costs with poor quality, low impact ingredients.

The Team

Steph Hamill, FRSA


Gillian Hoffman


Lara Hughes, MSC