Gamma Focus

Superblend Supplement Drink for Focus¹ + Energy¹ + Cognition¹

✓ Fuel Your Superpowers

✓ Scientifically backed ingredients

✓ Natural Blends

✓ BRC AA+ Certified Manufacturer

✓ Sweetened with Stevia

✓ GMO Free

✓ Vegetarian Friendly

Sugar Free

Less than £2 per day

To individually buy the ingredients in our powder-blends would cost, on average, £350+ per month.

We charge only £79.99 per pouch (RRP), and offer savings for subscriptions - £59.95 per month, and our blends are manufactured from A-Grade ingredients in the UK.


“This is a game changer for Neurodivergent health and neurowellness.” - Judah

"I feel as though I'm fully functioning now" - Sophia

"Levelled up so much I feel like Super Mario 😂" - Luke

"I'm running like a well oiled machine" - Christian

"Finally, something that's not confusing!" - Oli

"It tastes so much better than I was expecting." Elliott

Wondering why we're different?

All-in-one tasty drinks
Natural A-grade ingredient blends
Scientifically backed ingredients
"We would rather make a product that 100 people love, than 10,000 people think is okay."

Committed to the Neurowellness of Our Community

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet and society, contributing to various charitable organisations.

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Natural Derived Supplements for Neurowellness

We focus exclusively on crafting naturally derived formulations, recognising the significance of unique ingredients tailored to neurowellness needs.

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Taking 20+ pills & capsules isn't an enjoyable experience

We've crafted breakthrough formulas, designed to succeed where others have failed, making your life easier, simpler, less expensive and maybe a little cooler.

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Royce Pierreson - Actor

Taking Gamma Focus has helped me to be more productive and focused for as many years as I can remember, and I'm happy. I've struggled with depression for many years, but now I'm genuinely happy throughout the day. My wife sees it, my friends see it, and I see it, and that's how you want to live.

Sarah Charney - CBT THERAPIST

Working for an NHS therapy service, I come across ADHD quite frequently. The waiting lists for an ADHD clinic are extremely long and I think in order to be prescribed medication is a massive undertaking. It can take years. So I think in the meantime people would be looking for something more holistic, like Gamma Focus.

Camilla Bodie - Art Consultant

Gamma Focus is a life changing product.

My focus and energy levels have gone through the roof. It is a game changer and I can’t be without it.

Dean Culpan - Luxury Hospitality

As someone who has managed dyslexia and ADHD throughout life, you'll appreciate the convenience and targeted approach of Divergence Supplements. This product is a game-changer for those who have spent a lot of time balancing diet, nutrition, and various supplements. The convenience of having what you need in a single scoop is a major plus. This has simplified my daily routine significantly, allowing me to FOCUS more pressing matters, like life!

Emma Cohn - Psychotherapist

I have worked with many neurodivergent people who are experiencing challenges. A natural supplement that is accessible to all could be life changing to many people and I am very much looking forward to Divergence Supplements launching.


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