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The Best Parts of Being Neurodivergent

The Best Parts of Being Neurodivergent


In my experience, people who have to deal with being neurodivergent are often the kind of people who end up being very successful in their field. This is because they have a unique set of skills that sets them apart from their peers. They might not be like everyone else, but that can also be a good thing:

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a trait that’s often associated with neurodivergent people. It can serve us well in many situations, but it can also backfire when we become too focused on the small details at the expense of bigger-picture items. For example, if you get stuck on every little thing that goes wrong and lose sight of your overall goals and tasks, then you probably need to loosen up your focus and spend less time focusing on minutiae. But if, say, your business depends on someone counting every last penny spent or saved—and this is all they do all day long—then they would be doing a disservice not to have an attention to detail so sharp they could cut through paper with their nose!

On the other hand, being overly concerned with details can cause problems in some situations as well: if you go over every single thing someone says or does and criticize them for it (or worse), then this will completely destroy any chance at healthy interpersonal relationships for both parties involved! This is why balance is important when discussing this topic; having an eye for detail but not letting it consume too much energy from other activities is key: use those skills wisely!

Passionate about things

One of the best parts of being neurodivergent is that you’re passionate about things. You have a cause that you fight for, something you’re irrationally obsessed with, or some activity that makes all the bad parts of life worth it. Maybe it's a hobby like collecting antique cars or playing video games, or maybe it's an addiction to reading and writing books. Whatever it is, be proud of your passion and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Highly creative

Creativity is a powerful tool for problem solving. The ability to think outside the box has been linked to increased intelligence and problem-solving skills, which are both beneficial for everyone. Creatives tend to be good at thinking outside of themselves, too—they're often willing to take risks, explore new ideas and adapt when necessary.

Creative people have the ability to solve problems in unique ways that others might not think of or even realise are possible. They can come up with solutions that others haven't thought of yet because they aren't hampered by traditional thinking (and if they do get stuck on something, they don't mind asking for help).

Good at solving problems

When you're neurodivergent, you think in a different way than most people. This means that your brain automatically sees connections that others don't. It also means that you can notice patterns in things that are invisible to other people. Because of this, it is often easier for people with ADHD or autism to solve problems and create new solutions to existing problems.

You may not have thought about it before, but this ability can make life much easier—and add up over time! For example: You see something broken on your car or bike and know exactly what needs fixing because the symptoms are obvious; even if no one else could figure out what was wrong with it at first glance (or perhaps even after looking at it for hours).

Deep thinkers

You have a knack for solving problems. You see things in ways that others do not, and are able to apply your unique perspective to any problem you encounter. You’re also great at being creative with solutions—even when there doesn’t appear to be one at first glance.

This is because those who are neurodivergent tend to think outside the box, or even beyond what we think of as a box in the first place! When something seems impossible, they may come up with an unconventional solution (and it works). Neurodivergent people often get labelled as smart by their peers and family members, but knowing this can make your life easier too: you don't have to worry about what other people think about your intelligence level; instead focus on using all of it for good!

Neurodivergent people can be better off than some so called "normal" people

Being neurodivergent has its own set of challenges, but it also can be an advantage. It is true that many people do not understand the differences between neurotypical and neurodivergent, but there are many things that a neurodivergent person can do better than others.

Some people might think that because they struggle with some tasks or have difficulty communicating, they are not good at them. However, being able to solve problems in unusual ways means that you’ll likely find solutions where other people don’t see any potential solutions at all.

Many introverted individuals love the idea of being able to solve problems alone without having to talk about them first and only sharing their answer later on when asked for their ideas by others who need help solving those same types of problems themselves! These types of thinkers often feel more comfortable keeping quiet instead of talking much at all until someone asks them directly about something specific (or small group discussions where everyone gets a chance). For example: “How would we fix this?” Or if someone says something wrong: “That's incorrect."


We hope that you have taken away at least one or two things from this article. For example, maybe you now realise that being neurodivergent isn’t such a bad thing. It just means you’ve got something special about yourself—a great way of thinking, perhaps even an ability to be more productive than most people with so-called “normal” mindsets!

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