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Top Books for Parents With Neurodivergent Children

Top Books for Parents With Neurodivergent Children

As a parent of neurodiverse children, it can be a little overwhelming trying to navigate the path that comes with raising a child who thinks and learns differently. But remember, you're not alone! There are some amazing books out there that can help you understand your child's unique needs and provide valuable guidance on how to support them. Here are some of the top books that helped me and some of my friends, and I think might be able to help you!:

  1. "The Explosive Child" by Ross W. Greene is a game-changing book for parents of ND kids. This book provides a new approach to structure and discipline that focuses on solving problems collaboratively instead of using punishment and rewards; particularly helpful if your child’s already figured out that they’re cleverer than ‘authorities figures’ in their life. If you know, you know. Hah!
  2. Another great book for parents is "The Autistic Brain" by Temple Grandin and Richard Panek. This book provides a unique perspective and was written by a renowned expert on the subject who also happens to be on the  spectrum herself. Temple Grandin offers insight into the inner workings of the brain and provides practical advice on how to support and help kids thrive.
  3. A fantastic book for parents is "Overcoming Dyslexia" by Sally Shaywitz. This super-guide provides practical advice on how to identify and support, from early childhood through adolescence and beyond. The book covers everything from the latest scientific research, to practical strategies for helping kids succeed in school and in life.
  4. The all-rounder! "Different Learners: Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Your Child's Learning Problems" by Jane M. Healy is an overview on how to identify and support children. This book provides practical advice on how to work with teachers, therapists, and other professionals to help your child succeed.
  5. "The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century" by Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker is a must-read for parents of kids with language-based neurodivergenc. This book provides valuable guidance on how to support your child's writing skills and help them develop a love of language. 

No matter what challenges your children are facing, these books can be helpful and offer valuable guidance and support as you navigate the journey of raising a new generation of empowered neurodiverse children. So grab a cup of green tea, curl up with one of these good books, and be proud of your parenting choices! Vive la difference!


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