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Why Are So Many People Having Neurodivergent Diagnosis’ in Adulthood?

Why Are So Many People Having Neurodivergent Diagnosis’ in Adulthood?


Have you ever been told you're "a natural born artist" or "a maths guru"? Maybe it's because of your personality, but there is a possibility it's because of an undiagnosed neurodivergent condition. People are becoming more aware of these conditions and the prevalence in our society is higher than ever before (thanks Social Media!). In this blog we'll talk about why so many people are being diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions as adults, what exactly constitutes a neurodivergent condition and why this is such a positive thing for so many people.

There has been a push in society for more people to be diagnosed with these conditions in recent years

The rates of diagnosis for these conditions have significantly increased in recent years, and this increase has been attributed to a variety of factors. There is definitely more awareness about the existence of these conditions, particularly due to the discussion on social platforms. In addition to that, there has been an increase in education about how people with these conditions can be helped. as well as their rights. 

More people diagnosed means more funding for research, medication and education.

More research is being done to find more effective treatments, tactics and diagnosis for neurodivergent people. This is because there are more people who are diagnosed, which means that there's a bigger market for ocupational tools, medication and education. 

Difference is finally being embraced as a positive and it's no longer a stigma to understand your brain works differently.

You can use that knowledge to help yourself.

    People are becoming less afraid of diagnosis'.


    The bottom line here is that there are many people who are experiencing various neurodivergences were choosing to not be diagnosed because of outdated perceptions surrounding these conditions. The good news is that things are improving: stigma has decreased significantly, and people feel comfortable about getting help for their neurodivergence much quicker than before.

    You learn how to help yourself better.

    As you learn more, you also learn how to manage it, live well with it, and dare I say, lean into it! You may find that there are things you can do to make your life easier or more enjoyable. 

      Often, it is a positive thing when adults get diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions.

      Many adults who get diagnosed with a neurodivergent condition find that it helps them understand themselves better. It can help them understand why they do things the way they do, and why they're not like other people. The knowledge that their brain works differently can also help them feel less alone in the world.


      There's no reason to be afraid of getting diagnosed with a neurodivergent condition. It can actually be a positive thing because it helps you to understand yourself better, get the help and support you need, and learn ways to cope with your brain working differently than others'. But overall, people who are neurodivergent have many reasons why being diagnosed later in life can be good news!


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