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Innovative Activities for Neurowellness

Innovative Activities for Neurowellness

Innovative Activities for Neurowellness

Seeking inspiring ways to nourish your neurodivergent body and mind? At Divergence Supplements, we’re all about brain-boosting lifestyle practices. Beyond our targeted supplements, we encourage holistic self-care across four pillars: nourishment, movement, mindfulness, and community belonging.

Here’s the ultimate list of our favorite science-backed activities for reducing anxiety, promoting focus, strengthening cognitive skills, and overall neurowellness:


  • Grow an herb garden – Nurture basil, oregano and other brain-protecting plants!
  • Forage for wild berries and mushrooms – Fun flavor and neuro-nutrition!
  • Ferment colorful veggies – Boost gut microbes and mental health with kimchi, sauerkraut more.
  • Craft your own granola bars – Mix and bake with nuts, seeds, dried fruit.
  • Prepare bone broths and collagen bites – Soothe joints plus get brain-building amino acids!


  • Practice juggle dancing – Improve coordinative skills with this rhythmic cardio fusion!
  • Take trapeze lessons – Fly high stimulating balance, mobility, and confidence!
  • Jump on a rebounder trampoline – Gently stimulate lymphatic flow and neurotransmitters via gravitational shifts.
  • Play disc golf – Enjoy sunshine and community while sharpening focus tossing toward chain pole holes.
  • Take underwater kickboxing classes – Meet sensory-friendly resistance training goals.


  • Do laughter yoga – Stimulate joyful neurotransmitter release through intentional belly laughter!
  • Make ASMR videos – Tap into tingling brain wave bliss through crinkly paper and soap carving.
  • Train in equine therapy – Interact with horses to cultivate trust, presence, and empathy.
  • Practice float therapy – Find sensory-reduced relaxation in womb-like isolation tanks.
  • Study lucid dreaming – Learn techniques to guide dream plots and processing.


  • Volunteer at animal shelters – Bond with creatures great for comfort and affection.
  • Join ADHD coaching communities – Share solidarity, advice, and hope with fellow redirection.
  • Enter Lego building competitions – Flex visual-spatial skills collaboratively with fellow ND creatives.
  • Perform at open mic nights – Connect through creative talents in low-pressure settings.
  • Go glamping with friends – Immerse in nature, sensory peace, and social bonds.

Mix and match practices aligned with your needs and gifts for full mind-body restoration. What wellness wonders will you nurture? Share with us your rituals for nourishment, movement, mindfulness and belonging – We’re always seeking fresh ideas to support our community’s success. Let’s elevate our potential together!

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