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Guest Blog Spot - Emma Cohn UKCP registered psychotherapist

Guest Blog Spot - Emma Cohn UKCP registered psychotherapist

Emma Cohn is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and has been working therapeutically with children, adolescents and adults for over twenty five years. In addition she offers supervision to trainees and qualified therapists.

I am not professing to be an expert in ADHD, however I work therapeutically with young people who are either diagnosed or undiagnosed with ADHD. What I have noticed is that young people tend to struggle at school and often get in trouble for their behaviour. ADHD can affect a person's ability to concentrate, they can become fidgety and restless, they may even talk too much which can lead to disruption in lessons,  ultimately resulting in some form of punishment. When exploring with my clients what it's like to have ADHD, One explained that I saw my friends doing school/homework, I wondered how on earth they could focus on it, I thought there was something 'wrong' with me, I didn't realise I had ADHD.

When I asked another client how she felt about getting into constant trouble at school, she explained that she didn't care anymore as it was such a regular occurrence. 

Receiving ongoing punishments at school can be damaging and affect their whole attitude towards it as well as their self esteem. Sadly this can lead to a young person not receiving any qualifications and in some instances giving up on school entirely.

I asked her what would help and she said that she understood why teachers gave her punishments for being disruptive but that she feels labelled as the 'naughty child'. She explained that it would be more helpful if she for example had a detention but if she behaved well, it would then be revoked, what I picked up is that she would like more of an incentive that would help manage her ADHD behaviour.

I am really looking forward to divergent supplements being available on the market, mainstream medication for ADHD can cause side effects, so it would be wonderful for a supplement to be available, especially for students so that they can reach their full potential.

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