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Leveraging Brainwave Frequencies: Binaural Beats. Part 1: Gamma Brainwave Frequencies - Enhancing Focus and Engagement

Leveraging Brainwave Frequencies: Binaural Beats. Part 1: Gamma Brainwave Frequencies - Enhancing Focus and Engagement

Following on from our discussion on the different types of brainwave frequencies and their impact on mental states, including mood and cognition, it naturally follows that we discuss how to leverage various frequencies for your benefit. 

Binaural beats, a form of auditory “illusion” are a great way of leveraging different frequencies to impact brain state.  Binaural beats refer to the brain convergence that occurs when we play two slightly different frequencies separately in each ear. The brain picks up on the difference between these two frequencies and “synchronises” by creating its own third frequency - a “binaural beat” - with brainwaves effectively converging to match the difference. For example, if you listen to a sound in your left ear at 100 Hertz and one of 110 Hertz in your right ear, instead of hearing two different tones, your brain perceives a tone of 10 Hertz (alongside the two other tones) - entraining to the difference. 

Various binaural beats playlists have been created to leverage the associated effects of brainwave entrainment to various frequencies, offering an attractive, natural and non-invasive tool to support specific mental states.

Leveraging Gamma: First up in this series, let’s start with Gamma. 

As a reminder, At 30-80+ Hertz, Gamma brainwaves are the fastest and highest frequency of all brainwave types, and as you’d expect, are also associated with the highest states of alertness, focus and consciousness, including higher executive functions, like cognition, learning and memory. Remember though, whilst Gamma brainwaves can go up to over 100 Hertz, the higher frequencies are associated with states of stress and potentially anxiety - so it can be best to stick with the more “standard” Gamma range (30-80 Hertz), whilst also exercising caution as to how long and how often you listen to this frequency - remember, the brain needs restorative down time to recover and heal, as well. Let’s not substitute a coffee dependency with a Gamma-dependent state, either! 


Suppressed Gamma frequency states have been associated with difficulties with: 

  • General cognition
  • Focus and attention
  • nIformation processing, learning and memory
  • Irregular mood
  • Low mental energy
  • Various conditions, stretching from Alzheimer’s Disease and Schizophrenia to ADHD and various conditions of attention, information processing, mood and more

Conversely, optimal levels of Gamma frequency states have been associated with enhanced:

  • Mood
  • Openness and receptivity
  • Focus and concentration
  • Information processing and learning
  • Memory
  • Higher states of awareness (e.g. meditation)
  • Overall cognition and brain function

A gamma-focused binaural beat utilises frequencies to stimulate our own gamma brainwave synchronisation. This can be helpful in aiding focus, attention, mental energy and cognitive performance. For the neurodivergent community - and for those looking to enhance performance more generally - binaural beats offer a natural, practical and non-invasive tool for enhancing mental clarity, supporting focus and engagement, and fostering overall cognitive output.  

We like the following Spotify tracks:

  1. Pure Gamma Binaural Beats by Pure Binaural Beats
  2. Gamma Binaural Beats by Sound Dreamer

And the following Spotify playlist:

  1. 40 Hz Binaural Beats (Gamma Waves) by Miracle Healing Tones TP & Solfeggio Frequencies TP

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